Arbitrage Betting. A sure bet and winning strategy.

Arbitrage betting is a risk-free opportunity to make a guaranteed profit on a particular sporting event by exploiting differences in odds being offered between a number of bookmakers.

Sure Bets

Arbitrage bets or sure bets are one of the fastest ways to earn massively, and if you draft a viable strategy, you will be able to make a living out of it. Of course, to reach that goal, you should always make sure to bet only in safe, licensed arbitrage bets sportsbooks or casinos.

Arbitrage betting

What is Arbitrage?

A trading technique whereby exactly offsetting positions are taken in a market simultaneously but at different prices. The difference in price represents an immediate risk-free profit that is independent of the subsequent movement in the price of the instruments traded. This technique has long been used in financial markets, which can be difficult for non-professionals to access.

What is Sports Arbitrage?

Numerous arbitrage situations also referred to as sure bets, scalps, and risk-free bets, are created every day in sports-betting markets amongst the growing number of worldwide bookmakers in existence. These anomalies show up regularly & repeatedly.

The purpose of this site is to help you make money as a Sports-Arbitrage Trader.

Arbitrage Betting Example.

A pre-season NFL match between Atlanta & Jacksonville gave us the following market-anomaly between William Hill & FanDuel:



This arbitrage yields a profit of just over 6%, meaning that a correctly structured investment of $1000 would yield $63.22 of risk-free profit regardless of which team won the match

Arbitrage Betting Software

Tools to make your Sure bets arbitrage processes more efficient and profitable and a software-driven arbitrage location service.

If you are only just learning about this technique, then don’t buy anything right now. Use the zero-risk trial to judge the opportunity for yourself and decide whether this form of trading is suitable to you. Many of your questions will be answered within the FAQ.

However, if you want to speed up your learning & deepen your knowledge immediately, then you should delve into our full Sports-Arbitrage Course

If you are already experienced with arbitrage, you should consider using the BetAlerts service to leverage your time and significantly increase your profitability.

Common tips to follow when looking for sure bets

Some tips come to mind when arbitrage bets are discussed, most notably those addressing with bet types that will allow for considerable gains in the long run. Here are some of the golden tips that will help you increase your bankroll sooner than you thought was possible.

You will learn:

  • How and why arbitrage works
  • The factors required for arbitrage to exist
  • Which events yield the best opportunities
  • Three ways to maximize your profits (taking NO risk)
  • Pitfalls to be aware of and how to avoid them
  • How to keep track of your bets, accounts and money movements
  • How to optimize your processes to take full advantage of risk-free betting opportunities
  • How to take advantage of a bookmaker’s pricing error without taking any risk
  • Using bet-exchanges in arbitrage
  • How to reduce transaction costs and exchange rate losses when dealing with foreign bookmakers
  • How to profit even when an arb’s profit percentage is less than the credit card transaction fee levied by the bookmaker
  • How to deal with bookmakers who do not inform you of the maximum stake allowed before you attempt to place your bet
  • Why it sometimes pays to be prepared to tie up funds for months in an arbitrage
  • How to manage your trading capital most effectively
  • Techniques which prevent bookmakers from identifying you as an arbitrageur
  • The dangers of “pseudo-arbs” & why they should be avoided
  • How to construct arbs from usual handicap & Asian handicap bets
  • How to use the various odds-comparison services most effectively and what dangers to watch out for
  • The five types of baseball arbitrage and their differing risk-profiles
  • How to use soccer markets to generate risk-free windfalls of over 100%
  • How to find the hidden arbs in golf that most arbitrage traders will never even see

Arbitrage betting formula

Consider this scenario in a golf 2-way match-up with a ‘head to head’ pricing of 1.90 on each player. If he takes a total of $100 on each side, the bookmaker has taken $200 and whatever the result pays out only $190, generating a risk-free profit of $10.

This situation, however, describes a bookmaker’s ideal scenario; it does not represent the practical reality of bookmaking. More likely would be a scenario where a total of $200 to win $180 is laid on one of the two outcomes.

The other side will have attracted far less money (perhaps it is not part of an arbitrage!), with clients investing, say, a total of $100 to win $90. In this scenario, the bookmaker is exactly $80 ‘short,’ and he now appears to be in the position of a punter looking for a specific result.

Closer inspection reveals that if he gets the result he prefers, he has won $110. (Keeping $200 and paying out $90). Alternatively, if the ‘other side’ wins, the loss is $80. ($180 having been paid with only $100 kept from the ‘short side). So, the bookmaker has risked losing $80 to win a possible $110, and that translates into odds of 11/8 (2.38), a 5.3% swing in his favor from the odds he quoted (1.90).

sure bets

Arbitrage Betting Finder & Sure Bets Finder

When bookmakers compile their odds, they are merely reflecting their opinion of how an event is likely to unfold and or where the majority of its customers are likely to want to place their money. The only certainty they have is that they will structure their prices to ensure that the percentages are in their favor. While there are times when various bookmakers’ odds are the same on a particular event, there are many occasions when their views and, therefore, the odds they offer are very different.

These differences give rise to arbitrage opportunities, and with the application of a simple mathematical model and a little search time, anyone can uncover and profit from them.

Finding arbitrage betting opportunities

The first hurdle when it comes to arbitrage betting is simply finding where the opportunities are.

While betting exchanges make it relatively easy to identify opportunities in markets in which you have already bet (Betfair for example have a one click “cash out” option), comparing a range of different bookmakers in markets you wish to bet can be very time consuming.

Sites such as Odds Portal provide free widgets to members which allow the comparison of different bookmakers at a glance, however still require looking a literally thousands of different markets.

Professional solutions also exist which automatically search for and identify arbitrage opportunities using live feeds from bookmakers. These solutions however are not cheap, ranging anywhere from $150 a month.

But if you do invest time and/or money it is possible to identify arbitrage opportunities, that is however not the final hurdle to your free money.

Problems with arbitrage betting


Arbitrage betting opportunities tend to only be available for a very (eg seconds to 5 minutes), a short period of time.

Bookmakers aren’t silly, they also compare their odds with a range of different books around the globe and will realise if their number is off even slightly. Not only that, but there are thousands of other punters with their own systems looking to beat you to the punch and get their bets on.

Betting limits

To make betting worthwhile you do need to get a decent return for your time. No one is interested in simply clicking buttons to make $5 an hour with a $1000 bankroll.

Unfortunately many arbitrage opportunities occur in obscure markets with little liquidity. The day you find an 8% profit arbitrage on Latvian Division 2 Handball is the day bookmakers will offer you a maximum bet of $10.


Searching for small percentages with few opportunities can severely tie up large portions of your bankroll for large periods of time, restricting you from betting into other markets.

Cancelled bets

Occasionally bookmakers do make mistakes when setting markets. Whether it’s the work experience kid keying in the wrong numbers or a glitch in their software, obviously incorrect odds can be posted from time to time.

When this happens most bookmakers will cancel all bets made at the incorrect price. If this bet forms part of your arbitrage then you will be left exposed with the bookmaker on the other side of the arbitrage with no way to cancel your bet.

Bookmakers don’t like it

While betting exchanges thrive off trading and arbitrage betting, the vast majority of bookmakers hate it and will potentially close your account if they find you are an arbitrage bettor. There are of course exceptions such as Pinnacle Sports, however, they really are the exception and not the rule.

Arbitrage betting is certainly something that does exist, and on the rare occasion it can be found it is much better to “trade out” and take even a small guaranteed profit. However it is questionable as to whether it is a long term or sustainable betting strategy that is worth the time and financial resources.

In the coming weeks, we will be reviewing an arbitrage betting software package to see if it really does provide the promised profits or whether the difficulty and rarity of arbitrage bets are just too much to bet worth the investment.

Arbitrage betting calculator

Measurements for sure bets are taken automatically as part of our software’s search routine. Each time it scans for prices, new arbs are added to the live-arbs database and calculated correctly before they are sent to subscribers.

On subsequent passes, when the software detects that those original prices are no longer available, it either updates the arb to its new yield or it.

You can also narrow your searches using specific criteria that are important to you. For example, if you have a particular interest in arbs of a particular yield or which only involved individual bookmakers, you can view this data using the “Advanced Search” feature.

Arbitrage betting FAQS

How can different odds show up in the same match at the same time?

Every odd maker has their own models of calculating odds which sometimes varies based on their own factors.Is Arbitrage Betting Risk Free?

Yes if done correctly, Arbitrage betting can be 100^ risk free which is why they are called sure bets.
So why doesn’t everybody Arbitrage Bet if it’s risk-free?

Because Arbitrage betting opportunities appear and disappear incredibly quickly. which makes it hard for everyone to follow and bet.
How does arbitrage occur in sports events?

When bookmakers compile their odds, they are merely reflecting their opinion of how an event is likely to unfold and or where the majority of its customers are likely to want to place their money. The only certainty they have is that they will structure their prices to ensure that the percentages are in their favor.
How many bookmaker accounts will I need to open to Arbitrage bet?

At least 25. The more accounts you have, the more opportunities you will have. Of course, this also means that you will have more administration to keep on top of, and your funds may be spread more thinly.

Arbitrage Betting Case Study

In a previous section, we have looked at the basic theory behind arbitrage betting, where we discovered how shopping the odds of different bookmakers can be used to create a market that can be bet to guarantee a profit.

An arbitrage bet is really the holy grail for any sport punter, guaranteed profit without any risk. However arbitrage bets are an elusive beast, not only do most bookmakers know the odds available throughout the world and adjust accordingly, but it can be difficult to place enough money on an outcome to really make the search between bookmakers worth the effort.

However that’s not to say that opportunities don’t exist, and aren’t easy to find if you’re willing to wait for opportunities.

Using special promotions to guarantee profits

When bookmakers offer special bonus odds on events it can be tempting to simply take the odds as providing value and riding out the result. Assuming the market you are betting into is reasonably efficient and accurate this would generally be considered a positive expected value bet. But why put any of your bankrolls at risk at all if you don’t need to?

In this case study we will show you how you can use arbitrage betting to lock in up to 33% profit on your turnover simply by taking advantage of special bonus odds offered by bookmakers.

As you would have learned in our review, one of the world’s biggest sports bookmakers Ladbrokes regularly offer special odds across a number of sports as an incentive to new and existing members. One such promotion that has run for the past two weekends is offering $2 favorites on all EPL matches played on Saturdays.

While there are some conditions attached such as a maximum bet of $20, this is a promotion simply to good to pass up as an arbitrage opportunity.

How to place arbitrage bets

For our arbitrage bets to be successful we need the winning outcome for both bets in the match to be greater than the total amount of money outlaid.

To do this we will need to shop for the best odds available on the underdog in each match (as the favourite will be the bonus bet). For this case study we have used the odds available from Crown Bet as they had the best available odds at the time of writing, however in general it is recommended that you compare odds with our other recommended bookmakers Centrebet, Pinnacle Sports, Sportsbet, and William Hill before placing any bets.

Once you have the bonus bet odds, and the best odds available for the underdog, put these odds into an arbitrage calculator along with the stake you wish to place on the bonus bet. The calculator will not only tell you if there is an arbitrage opportunity available, but also the exact amount you should be on the underdog.

It is also worth noting here that even if the bookmaker offering the bonus odds has the best available odds for the underdog, you should never place the underdog bet with them. Bookmakers do not like arbitrage punters, and may ban you or limit your bet sizes if they notice this kind of activity.

Ladbrokes EPL $2 favorite case study

By using the above method to bet the maximum $20 on each of the 6 favorites in the EPL matches to be held on Saturday the 12th of Sept 2020 with Ladbrokes, and the underdog prices available from Bet it is possible to lock in a profit for the day regardless of how many favorites or underdogs win during the day.

As the below table shows, by using the arbitrage calculator to ensure that the total amount bet on each match doesn’t exceed $40 (the payout of the $2 favourite), a profit of between 15% and 48% can be guaranteed for each match.

Arbitrage betting on EPL matches week 1 2020

West Ham4.259.4139.99Newcastle2.0020.0040.0010.5936.00%
Burnley5.756.9640.02Man Utd2.0020.0040.0013.0448.39%
West Brom2.0020.0040.00Leicester4.0010.0040.0010.0033.33%

With a total of $179.34 bet for the day and a profit of $60.55, a return of investment of 33.74% is guaranteed using the currently available odds regardless of the results in each match.

While a $60 profit may not be a lot for some, for many it is a healthy boost to the bankroll for little effort and without tying up a large chunk of your bankroll.

For those with accounts with multiple bookmakers who are willing to shop for and find even better prices this profit can increase even further.

Of course, these arbitrage opportunities are not just limited to EPL betting. We recommend keeping an eye on the “promotions” page at Ladbrokes to see all the current opportunities available.

It is also worth following any bookmaker you have an account with on Twitter to be kept up to date on any promotions they may be running as these may also present arbitrage opportunities.

Tool coming soon…

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