Avai vs Vasco DA Gama



Competition: Brazil Serie B Regular Season – Round 23

Date: 2021/09/06

Day: Mon

Kick Off: 23:00

Referee: Coming soon

Status: Second Half 3 – 1

Vasco DA Gama


Avai vs Vasco DA Gama. Avai will host Vasco DA Gama at the Estádio Aderbal Ramos da Silva for the Brazil Serie B Regular Season – Round 23 match fixture.

Avai vs Vasco DA Gama : Live Score And Statistics

Live Commentary

Second Half 90′

Avai Vs Vasco DA Gama. Brazil Serie B Regular Season – Round 23

23:00 , Monday September 6 2021

Avai 3
  • G. W. Silva Timoteo ( 12′ )
  • B. Silva ( 48′ )
  • Jonathan ( 82′ )
Vasco DA Gama 1
  • Morato ( 27′ )


Second Half ends, with score Avai 3, Vasco DA Gama 1


Daniel Amorim Gets Yellow Card Vasco DA Gama


Substitution 5 – D. Renan substitutes for J. Lucas (Avai)


Substitution 4 – Pereira Rafael substitutes for J. Copete (Avai)


Substitution 5 – L. Figueiredo substitutes for Morato (Vasco DA Gama)


Substitution 4 – Pec Gabriel substitutes for L. Jaba (Vasco DA Gama)


Jonathan had a Normal Goal Avai


Substitution 3 – Jonathan substitutes for J. Cleber (Avai)


Substitution 3 – Daniel Amorim substitutes for Romulo (Vasco DA Gama)


Substitution 2 – C. Lopes substitutes for Andrey (Vasco DA Gama)


Substitution 1 – M. Galarza substitutes for Marquinhos Gabriel (Vasco DA Gama)


Substitution 2 – W. Soares substitutes for M. Serrato (Avai)


Substitution 1 – Romulo substitutes for G. W. Silva Timoteo (Avai)


B. Silva had a Normal Goal Avai


M. Miranda Gets Yellow Card Vasco DA Gama


L. Castan Gets Yellow Card Vasco DA Gama


Morato had a Normal Goal Vasco DA Gama


G. W. Silva Timoteo had a Normal Goal Avai


First Half begins
Lineups are announced and players are warming up.

Shots on Goal

Shots off Goal

Total Shots

Blocked Shots

Shots insidebox

Shots outsidebox


Corner Kicks


Ball Possession

Yellow Cards

Red Cards

Goalkeeper Saves

Passes %

Avai vs Vasco DA Gama : Livescore

Avai vs Vasco DA Gama Prediction : Match Facts

  • Avai have played 21 matches are at position 8 with 33 points in the 2021 Serie B.
  • They have won 9 times drawn 6 and lost 6.
  • In their last 5 recent matches they have won 2 time. draw 0 times and lost 3 times:- LLWWL
  • In their last game, they had a 0 – 1 result against Avai.
  • So far in the season , they have scored 22 goals (GF) conceded 16 goals (GA) remaining with a goal difference of 6 goals (GD).
  • Vasco DA Gama have played 21 matches are at position 10 with 31 points in the 2021 Serie B.
  • They have won 9 times drawn 4 and lost 8.
  • In their last 5 recent matches they have won 2 time. draw 0 times and lost 3 times:- WLLLW
  • In their last game, they had a 2 – 0 result against Vasco DA Gama.
  • So far in the season , they have scored 25 goals (GF) conceded 23 goals (GA) remaining with a goal difference of 2 goals (GD).

145Avai133Vasco DA Gama
Games Played11102121
Goals For12102225
Goals Against971623
Goals Average
Goals For1.
Goals Against0.

Avai vs Vasco DA Gama : Head To Head

Wednesday June 16 2021
133 Vasco DA Gama 0:2
145 Avai
Thursday October 10 2019
145 Avai 0:0
133 Vasco DA Gama
Sunday May 19 2019
133 Vasco DA Gama 1:1
145 Avai
Thursday April 11 2019
145 Avai 0:1
133 Vasco DA Gama
Friday March 15 2019
133 Vasco DA Gama 3:2
145 Avai
Thursday October 12 2017
145 Avai 1:2
133 Vasco DA Gama
Saturday June 17 2017
133 Vasco DA Gama 1:0
145 Avai
Wednesday October 26 2016
133 Vasco DA Gama 0:0
145 Avai
Saturday July 2 2016
145 Avai 2:1
133 Vasco DA Gama
Sunday October 4 2015
145 Avai 1:1
133 Vasco DA Gama

Avai vs Vasco DA Gama : Standings

#Soccer TeamMPWDLFADPLast 5 Matches
5155Sampaio Correa219752617934WDLDW
6755Nautico Recife219752621534DWLLL
7138Guarani Campinas219663226633WLDLW
10133Vasco DA Gama219482523231WLLLW
15139Ponte Preta215791923-422LWLWW
16142Vila Nova215791418-422WLDLL
19141Brasil DE Pelotas2128111223-1114DDLLL

Avai vs Vasco DA Gama : Players News and Squads



Vasco DA Gama

2418 Claudinei Oliveira
Starting XI
10511 Glédson (G-83)

10086 Edílson (D-2)

44629 Alemão (D-4)

10513 Betão (D-3)

10268 João Lucas (D-6)

10317 Bruno Silva (M-8)

77675 Marcos Serrato (M-19)

10005 Jonathan Copete (M-36)

41277 Jean Cleber (M-16)

54032 Vinícius Leite (M-17)

10545 Getúlio (F-99)

197474 Claudio Vitor (G-23)

10508 Vladimir (G-89)

10518 Iury (M-22)

9702 Diego Renan (D-26)

304686 Arthur Chaves (D-31)

324722 Modesto (D-34)

10194 Rafael Pereira (D-33)

10536 Wesley Soares (M-98)

119268 Jean Candido (M-18)

67842 Ronaldo (F-13)

140452 Jonathan (F-9)

50575 Rômulo (F-11)

2575 Lisca
Starting XI
9977 Vanderlei (G-1)

2359 Léo Matos (D-3)

10557 Miranda (D-35)

10553 Leandro Castán (D-5)

10376 Zeca (D-37)

10490 Rômulo (M-8)

10571 Andrey (M-6)

2384 Léo Jabá (M-7)

10096 Marquinhos Gabriel (M-31)

9471 Morato (M-10)

13523 Germán Cano (F-14)

140450 Lucão (G-28)

197034 Cayo Tenório (D-2)

10559 Ricardo Graça (D-36)

80476 Ulisses (D-40)

197039 Caio Lopes (M-16)

305838 Laranjeira (F-9)

143367 Gabriel Pec (M-11)

143368 Bruno Gomes (M-23)

305832 Matías Galarza (M-19)

305837 Figueiredo (F-15)

10541 Daniel Amorim (F-17)

(G= Goalkeeper, D = Defence, M = Midfielder, F= Forward)

Players to watch

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Avai vs Vasco DA Gama : Team Pre Game-Odds & Bets

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Avai vs Vasco DA Gama : Predictions

Why Avai Will Win

  1. Avai has a home team record of 5 wins and 3 losses. (A strong home record means that they are excellent at protecting home pitch advantage and should be considered in the win loss bet equation.)
  2. Avai has scored 12 out of their total 22 goals at home with average of 1.1. (This shows a teams offensive performance and should be entered into a home performance equation. The more goals they score the higher their winning probability.)
  3. They have a goal average of 0.8 goals per match played. (This indicates the stregth of their offense at home.)

Why Vasco DA Gama Will Win

  1. Vasco DA Gama has an away team record of 7 wins and 3 losses. (A strong away record means that they are excellent at playing away as visitors and should be considered in the win loss bet equation.)
  2. Vasco DA Gama has scored 16 out of their total 25 goals at away with average of 1.5 goals at away. (This shows a teams offensive performance the ease at which they perform at away and should be entered into an away performance equation. The more goals they score at away the higher their winning probability.)
  3. They have a goal average of 1.1 goals per match played. (This indicates the stregth of their offense at away.)

PredictionAvaiDrawVasco DA Gama
AdviceDouble chance : Avai or drawDouble chance : Avai or drawDouble chance : Avai or draw
Winning %45%45%10%
Over Under
Poisson Betting62%62%
H2H Wins38%62%
Goals H2H50%50%
Predictions Explanations

Our predictions follow certain expert and established protocols and these are the explanations for the predictions above.

  1. Advice – This is our expert advice and prediction on the most probable outcome of the match. You can bet this and you will be guaranteed a win and correct score outcome.
  2. Match Winner – This prediction gives you the most likely winning outcome of the match and there are 6 Predictions for the outcome which are listed below.
    • 1 (Home Win)
    • X (Draw)
    • 2 (Away/ Visitor Win)
    • 1N (This is a double chance of either a home win or draw)
    • N2 (This is a double chance of either an away win or draw)
    • 12 (This is a double chance of either a home win or an away win)
  3. Winning % – This prediction option shows the percentage chances of each team winning. So you should typically take the higher percentage choice of the match-winner. So the higher the % the better the chances of winning.
  4. Over / Under Goals – The over/under bet determines how many goals that each team will score. Usually, this bet determines the bet with a .5 added to it so it would look like this;
    • Over 0.5 or Under 0.5 means that there will be either 1 goal for over or zero goals for under.
    • Over 1.5 or Under 1.5 means that there will be either 2 goals for over or zero goals for under.
    • Over 2.5 or Under 2.5 means that there will be either 3 goals for over or zero goals for under.
    • Over 3.5 or Under 3.5 means that there will be either 4 goals for over or zero goals for under.
    • Over 0.5 or Under 4.5 means that there will be either 5 goals for over or zero goals for under.
    • Over 5.5 or Under 5.5 means that there will be either 6 goals for over or zero goals for under.
  5. Form – Form is an important component because it follows how these teams have performed against each other in the last five games and we have placed it in a handy percentage format.
    Why Form is important – Sometimes teams just perform better against their rivals regardless of their table rankings. And some tournaments like El Classico in Lalilga or the North London derby in the English premier league bring bragging rights and these games have an additional component to them so look out for the team form in the last 5 games (WWLWD).
  6. Poisson / Correct Score Betting Method – Together with historical data, the Poisson distribution provides a simple and reliable way to calculate the most likely score in a football match and can be used for betting. This simple walkthrough shows how to calculate required attack/defense measurements and a quick and easy way to generate Poisson distribution values.
  7. H2H Wins – This prediction looks at the history between these two teams and their head-to-head matchups in the past. Again this is typically an addition to form because stats have shown that if a team keeps beating another in their past, they will continue regardless of that team position on the table.
  8. Goals H2H – This prediction also follows the form above, and it shows how these teams have played in the past and if they both scored goals against each other, in this case, you can use past data to determine if both teams typically score goals against each other in a BTTS bet or not.
Ecuador Serie B
00:002HEl Nacional VSAmerica de Quito000View Prediction
Argentina Primera Division
00:002HNewells Old Boys VSRiver Plate4.333.601.78View Prediction
El-Salvador Primera Division
00:302HÁguila VSPlatense FC000View Prediction
00:002HSanta Tecla VSAlianza000View Prediction
01:00NSJocoro VSMunicipal Limeño000View Prediction
00:00FTChalatenango VSFAS000View Prediction
00:002HNew Amsterdam VSStumptown Athletic000View Prediction
Mexico Ascenso MX
00:05FTVenados FC VSMonarcas000View Prediction
02:052HCimarrones VSRaya2000View Prediction
22:00NSTepatitlán VSCancún000View Prediction
USA Major League Soccer
00:30FTSporting Kansas City VSMinnesota United FC1.853.703.75View Prediction
01:002HAustin VSLos Angeles FC2.703.602.40View Prediction
02:002HPortland Timbers VSColorado Rapids2.403.502.65View Prediction
02:302HLos Angeles Galaxy VSHouston Dynamo1.653.904.50View Prediction
02:302HSan Jose Earthquakes VSReal Salt Lake2.103.503.10View Prediction
Brazil Copa Do Brasil
00:30FTFortaleza EC VSSao Paulo000View Prediction
00:302HFlamengo VSGremio1.484.005.75View Prediction
USA USL Championship
01:002HColorado Springs VSEl Paso Locomotive000View Prediction
02:002HOakland Roots VSTacoma Defiance000View Prediction
02:302HPhoenix Rising VSLas Vegas Lights000View Prediction
World CONCACAF Champions League
01:00FTPhiladelphia Union VSClub America2.203.252.90View Prediction
Honduras Liga Nacional de Fútbol
01:002HCD Honduras VSReal Espana000View Prediction
01:00NSVictoria VSPlatense FC000View Prediction
Colombia Copa Colombia
01:002HDeportivo Cali VSAmerica de Cali000View Prediction
22:30NSDeportes Tolima VSLa Equidad000View Prediction
World Leagues Cup
03:002HLeon VSU.N.A.M. - Pumas3.303.402.00View Prediction
Indonesia Super League
08:15PSTBali United VSPSIS Semarang000View Prediction
11:15PSTPersib Bandung VSPersipura Jayapura000View Prediction
China League One
08:302HShenyang Urban VSJiangxi Liansheng000View Prediction
11:352HMeizhou Kejia VSSuzhou Dongwu000View Prediction
Kazakhstan 1. Division
09:002HKyzyl-Zhar II VSMaqtaaral000View Prediction
Armenia Cup
11:302HLernayin Artsakh VSArarat-Armenia000View Prediction
Slovenia Cup
12:002HGorica VSBravo000View Prediction
14:00FTAluminij VSKoper000View Prediction
Georgia Erovnuli Liga
12:30FTSamgurali VSSamtredia000View Prediction
15:00FTDinamo Batumi VSLokomotivi Tbilisi000View Prediction
17:00FTTorpedo Kutaisi VSShukura000View Prediction
17:00FTDinamo Tbilisi VSDila000View Prediction
Malawi Super League
12:30NSCIVO United VSNtopwa000View Prediction
Uzbekistan Super League
14:002HSogdiana VSBunyodkor000View Prediction
14:00FTNasaf VSQizilqum000View Prediction
14:00FTLokomotiv VSSurkhon000View Prediction
Italy Coppa Italia Serie C
13:00FTTeramo VSRobur Siena000View Prediction
Russia FNL 2 - Group 4
13:30FTAmkar VSNovosibirsk000View Prediction
Turkey TFF 1. Lig
14:002HKeçiörengücü VSBoluspor000View Prediction
14:302HKocaelispor VSBalıkesirspor000View Prediction
17:00FTİstanbulspor VSAnkaragucu000View Prediction
Romania Liga II
14:002HConcordia VSUnirea Slobozia2.003.103.40View Prediction
Mexico U20 League
14:00NSAtlético San Luis U20 VSTijuana U20000View Prediction
Kosovo Superliga
14:00FTPrishtina VSGjilani000View Prediction
14:00FTUlpiana VSDrenica Skënderaj000View Prediction
Estonia Esiliiga A
14:30CANCFlora II VSNõmme United000View Prediction
14:30CANCTallinna Kalev VSPärnu000View Prediction
14:30CANCPaide II VSLuunja000View Prediction
14:30CANCPaide II VSFCI Levadia II000View Prediction
14:30CANCElva VSLuunja000View Prediction
14:30CANCFlora II VSTartu Welco000View Prediction
16:00CANCTartu Welco VSElva000View Prediction
16:00CANCMaardu VSFCI Levadia II000View Prediction
16:00CANCPärnu VSNõmme United000View Prediction
World UEFA Europa Conference League
14:30FTKairat Almaty VSOmonia Nicosia2.603.102.85View Prediction
16:45FTSlavia Praha VSUnion Berlin2.453.402.80View Prediction
16:45FTSlovan Bratislava VSFC Copenhagen4.003.501.90View Prediction
16:45FTLincoln Red Imps FC VSPAOK17.006.001.20View Prediction
16:45FTRennes VSTottenham2.703.202.65View Prediction
16:45FTMura VSVitesse5.004.001.66View Prediction
16:45FTQarabag VSFC Basel 18933.253.502.15View Prediction
16:45FTHJK helsinki VSLask Linz2.853.402.40View Prediction
16:45FTFlora Tallinn VSGent6.004.331.50View Prediction
19:00FTAnorthosis VSFK Partizan3.303.102.30View Prediction
19:00FTAS Roma VSCSKA Sofia1.206.5013.00View Prediction
19:00FTBodo/Glimt VSZorya Luhansk1.783.754.33View Prediction
19:00FTFK Jablonec VSCFR 1907 Cluj2.853.202.50View Prediction
19:00FTRanders FC VSAZ Alkmaar3.503.402.10View Prediction
United-Arab-Emirates Arabian Gulf League
14:45FTAl-Dhafra VSBaniyas SC000View Prediction
17:002HAl Nasr VSAl Khaleej000View Prediction
Qatar Stars League
16:30FTAl Shamal VSAl-Sailiya000View Prediction
16:30FTAl-Arabi SC VSAl-Duhail SC000View Prediction
13:50FTQatar SC VSAl Sadd000View Prediction
Jordan Division 1
15:00FTAqaba VSAl Buqa'a000View Prediction
17:30FTAl Salt VSAl Wihdat000View Prediction
Chile Primera B
15:30FTMagallanes VSD. Puerto Montt2.313.153.13View Prediction
17:00FTCobreloa VSUnion San Felipe2.413.132.99View Prediction
00:00Deportes Copiapo VSFernández Vial000View Prediction
21:001HBarnechea VSRangers de Talca2.953.052.25View Prediction
22:00NSSan Marcos de Arica VSSantiago Morning3.183.242.24View Prediction
23:30NSUniversidad de Concepcion VSCoquimbo Unido2.552.952.60View Prediction
Bahrain Premier League
15:30FTAl Ahli VSManama000View Prediction
18:002HAl-Hidd VSAl Najma000View Prediction
Peru Segunda Division
15:30FTUnion Comercio VSDeportivo Coopsol000View Prediction
18:00FTDeportivo Llacuabamba VSSantos000View Prediction
20:301HCultural Santa Rosa VSAtletico Grau000View Prediction
Saudi-Arabia Pro League
15:35FTAl Baten VSAl Taee000View Prediction
17:30FTAl-Faisaly FC VSAl-Fayha000View Prediction
Finland Kakkonen - Lohko C
16:00FTJBK VSKraft000View Prediction
World UEFA Europa League
16:45FTFC Midtjylland VSLudogorets1.723.804.50View Prediction
16:45FTFK Crvena Zvezda VSSC Braga2.203.503.00View Prediction
16:45FTGalatasaray VSLazio3.503.502.00View Prediction
16:45FTLokomotiv Moscow VSMarseille3.203.502.10View Prediction
16:45FTBayer Leverkusen VSFerencvarosi TC1.226.0012.50View Prediction
16:45FTReal Betis VSCeltic1.723.754.50View Prediction
16:45FTDinamo Zagreb VSWest Ham3.103.602.15View Prediction
16:45FTRapid Vienna VSGenk2.553.302.65View Prediction
19:00FTRangers VSLyon2.403.502.70View Prediction
19:00FTBrondby VSSparta Praha2.753.252.50View Prediction
19:00FTPSV Eindhoven VSReal Sociedad2.403.502.70View Prediction
19:002HMonaco VSSturm Graz1.424.407.25View Prediction
19:002HLeicester VSNapoli2.203.403.10View Prediction
19:00FTOlympiakos Piraeus VSAntwerp1.723.804.50View Prediction
19:00FTEintracht Frankfurt VSFenerbahce1.673.904.60View Prediction
Sweden Superettan
17:002HIFK Varnamo VSJonkopings Sodra2.103.503.40View Prediction
Norway 3. Division - Girone 2
17:00NSPors Grenland VSFredrikstad II000View Prediction
Norway 3. Division - Girone 3
17:00NSStart II VSVindbjart000View Prediction
Brazil Brasileiro de Aspirantes
18:002HCorinthians U23 VSFigueirense U23000View Prediction
18:002HGrêmio U23 VSCeará U23000View Prediction
18:002HRB Bragantino U23 VSAvaí U23000View Prediction
18:002HFortaleza U23 VSBahia U23000View Prediction
Portugal Liga de Honra
19:152HAcademica VSEstrela000View Prediction
Brazil Serie B
22:00NSCruzeiro VSOperario-PR1.873.254.33View Prediction
22:00NSCRB VSVasco DA Gama2.502.953.00View Prediction
Costa-Rica Primera Division
23:00NSCS Herediano VSSporting San Jose000View Prediction
World Friendlies Women
23:30NSUSA W VSParaguay W000View Prediction
Paraguay Copa Paraguay
23:30NS3 de Febrero VS12 de Octubre000View Prediction
Cameroon Elite ONE
00:00TBDEding Sport VSTonnerre000View Prediction
Cameroon Elite Two
14:00NSLion Blessé VSFoncha ST000View Prediction

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