Basic Sports Betting Principles You Must Understand To Win

Basic Sports Betting Principles

The Tools Of The Trade

The tips below are the basic Sports betting principles that you must understand to win because you clearly don’t want to be like most novice gamblers who end up losing their proverbial shirts yearly.

And most failures can be directly pointed at poor money management skills and practices but many more of such failures are also due to an overall complete lacking knowledge with regards to how to basically handicap that particular sport that they are looking at betting and the factors or situations that come into play during the particular season.

First of all, a “Point Spread” is defined as a number that you place on an event for betting reasons and you often express it in terms of the number of points that one side must spot the other as a means of making the playing field even on both ends.

This includes both the favorite and underdog, in most cases they will always attach a money-line to the same game so that one can usually wager on either side of the coin be it the favorite or the underdog to win without having to lay points, keep in mind that its usual football and basketball games that have point spreads.

If there is only one single bit of advice that you take from this article, I hope it is this…Keep your eyes and ears open!! I bet you’re wondering “huh” right about now, aren’t you?

When I say keep your eyes on the ball and ears on the ground and open I am referring to the radio, the TV, and the local newspapers in your area, often local team beat writers glean information from team players or team sources and use that same information for their local radio or TV shows or for the articles that they write for the local newspapers, this same information can be very valuable to you as a gambler if you are able to dissect every bit of information.

What is important and what is not important and then decisively act on the critical info before the rest of the universe does, this gives you what is referred to as an “edge”.

Listen to sports talk radio

Get in the habit of having the local sports talk shows on the radio when you are driving or working at home on your computer, know what time the local nightly sports show comes on television in your area, pay special attention to the sports section of the local newspaper each morning over coffee or breakfast.

The idea is to absorb as much info as you can during the week and before the game starts, know who is coming back from an injury or who is actually nursing a nagging knee or chest or even ankle injury that may affect and slow them down, know if there are any “cluster” of injuries along the important offensive or crack whip defensive lines who are direct impacters of the upcoming game, know if your local team is playing at home or away and if there are any possible weather concerns.

The point of this matter is that you have ton wealth of information at your fingertips with regard to the local college and professional teams in your area and in most cases the info can be easily accessed by only you before the rest of the putters in public learns about it and you can very well use this to your own advantage, by no means am I saying to disregard the rest of the teams in the league and not care what is going on with them, what I am totally saying is that if you want to defeat the online posted point spreads you have to look for an edge and often this can be found by concentrating on local information about your local teams.

I advocate using multiple “outs” for placing wagers as a means of garnering the best possible point spread on any game you intend wagering on, in this day and age a gambler has access to many offshore sportsbooks and it’s a good idea to utilize at least three or four of these for line shopping purposes, but remember to do your homework before simply signing up with just any online sportsbook, most are reputable but some are not.

Basic Sports Betting Principles – How to use local and online sportsbooks

However, it is also a very good idea to have a local book that you can place wagers with for the express purpose of wagering against local teams, remember that local teams are also generally popular teams to wager on for the local run of the mill gamblers in your area, meaning that you must usually lay a higher point spread number if wagering on a local team thru a local book, thus the rule of thumb is to use online sportsbooks when wagering ON local teams but use local books when wagering AGAINST local teams.

Basic Sports Betting Principles – How to defeat the points spreads

If you want to defeat the point spread you have to remain ahead of the proverbial curve, this means that you must out-work other gamblers with regard to having and acting on information before they do, I personally do a ton of off-season work and I recommend that you do the same, for example, it’s a good idea to go over each teams schedule as soon as it is released for the upcoming season and finding potential bad spots for each team.

By bad spots in the schedule I mean taking note of the potential pitfalls or scheduling quirks that might affect a teams performance, for example, when a team is playing on the road for a third straight week, or when a team has played two or three straight up divisional games and are in line to play a non conference team next, or if a team is supposed to be playing on a short week because they just played on Monday night or if a team has been bouncing back and forth from the east coast to the west coast or visa versa.

Basic Sports Betting Principles – Study the schedule.

Know in advance to the start of the new season by studying the schedule if a team is revenge minded against another team for an embarrassing loss or for knocking them out of the playoffs the previous year, try to study and concentrate on historical data from past divisional match ups, the reason is because divisional teams face each other at least twice yearly which means that often you can find a team that for one reason or another continues to dominate another.

Know in advance to the start of the new season what players a team lost to free agency or trades and what players they added via the draft and/or free agency and don’t forget to consider any coaching changes, a complete turnover in coaching staffs is a hard thing to overcome and often means that a team will struggle in the early going of a new season because that team is still trying to learn a new system.

Use the information at your disposal

The astute gambler will then take all of the information he or she has gathered during most the off season and will prior to the start of the new season make up a set of power ratings which are then updated on a weekly basis once the regular season starts, a smart sports gambler will have a set personal schedule that they adhere to once the season is under way, keeping in mind that your off season work has already pinpointed potential scheduling problems and you have a set of power ratings in place, you can now use this information to better evaluate the opening Monday morning lines for the next week.

The Injury Report

Basic Sports Betting Principles – The Injury Report – Monday morning is also a good time to check the injury reports of each team as well as advance weather reports for the upcoming weekend’s slate of games, as the week progresses you want to continue to monitor the posted point spread as well as the latest injury and weather reports if you have already isolated a contest that has perceived value to you and that team is listed as the favorite it is usually best to make your wager as soon as possible, on the other hand, if you like a doggie in a particular contest its best to wait until almost game time to place your wager.

The reasoning has to do with the emphatic way “Joe Public” bettors wager, which is usually on the listed favorite, by placing your wager early in the week (if you like the favorite) you are locking in your line before the general public has a chance to move the point spread upward, on the flip side if you like the doggie you want the public to drive the line upward so that you can get as many points as possible.

I could easily try to go on and on with this article but the end result would resemble a sportsbook, hopefully, you will take some of this advice to heart, the one item that I did not nearly touch on in this article but is probably the most important aspect of gambling is money management, without some sort of game plan with regard to protecting your bankroll, you will surely lose your shirt and not be around placing wagers at seasons end.

Please refer to another article that I have already written simply entitled The secret to Sports betting money management, the article explains in detail the system that I personally utilize as a means of protecting my bankroll over the course of a very tremendous long season.

Last Advice

One last bit of advice, remember that the betting public is generally wrong which is the reason Las Vegas is still standing, meaning that you should do your homework and follow your instincts and not those of the talking heads in the media or those of your drinking buddies.

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