4 Ways to Cheat at Sports Betting

4 Ways To Cheat At Sports Betting

Cheat at Sports Betting

Are you looking for ways to cheat at sports betting? Truthfully, cheating at the art of sports prediction is a complicated topic. After all, provided that professional or amateur sports are not staged, a bettor cannot cheat as in influencing the outcome of a game. Rather he or she is trying to capitalize on what naturally happens in the course of a game.

The only way to cheat would be to use some insider knowledge, not open to the public, to your advantage. While you may find a way to cheat the bookie out of money with spreads or money lines, but for the most part cheating in sports is synonymous with strategizing beyond the efforts of your opponents.

  1. Know the sport better than anyone else.

The best way to “cheat” (at least to the extent that you will be called a cheater by others) is to research and study the game better than the public. Whereas everyone else will concentrate on the peripheral statistics, you can actually improve your prediction odds by considering other data like historical statistics, team trends, situation trends, angles, inflated numbers and physical conditions of a game. Additionally, you can make more money by focusing on less popular sports or leagues; this way you will have made a niche for yourself by researching a sport no one else but you may fully understand.

2. Sign up with gambling insider companies.

This is definitely an edge that most opponents will not have. You can order picks from gambling experts and use this insider information along with your own interpretation of sports data. Most companies are willing to offer free picks, as well as the reasoning behind their prediction, and a guarantee of an improved betting average.

3. Make arbitrage or exotic bets.

You can actually make more money by betting arbitrage or exotic bets, than risking it all in the biggest competition. If you know something is going to happen based on your game analysis then make it a bet. While it may not seem likely to others at the time, an arbitrage bet may turn in your favor—and all regardless of the final score.

4. Learn to spot square or sucker lines.

Sometimes these betting lines are fabricated to sway public opinion. Learn to avoid the sucker lines and don’t be afraid to bet against public opinion. Statistics in sports gambling have observed that the public is easily swayed by fabricated lines and odds. (Some even speculate the industry does this in order to take in bigger profits) If you see through a sucker line and vote your heart you may be able to walk home with big bucks while everyone else slaps down their hat in disappointment.

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