Free NFL picks against the spread from expert predictions.

NFL Picks and Predictions for the 2020 season.

These Free NFL picks are available in an overwhelming response to the NFL betting which is by far the most popular past time among the top 4 professional leagues in the US and even though there are only 17 weeks and 16 games to a season, it is the most passionately followed sport. Football has some passionate fans, from the NFL to college Football which why most sports betting dollars flow from July to February which is the season for both the pros and college football teams.

Free NFL Picks Points Spread

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What are points spread betting in the NFL?

The most traditional and popular NFL betting is the points spread which is also sometimes known as the betting lines or handicap. The spread, or line, is a bet that given the right circumstances will equalize the chance of winning a wager. Usually, the line given to the team will be followed by a – or + symbol to show if it is a favorite or an underdog. as seen in the example below.

TeamSpread before kick offfinal Score
Browns+7 27

Now in the above example, Baltimore won the game but a bet for the spread, in this case, would have been a losing bet since the browns lost by less than the line of 7 points. In this case, betting the line does not matter the win or loss outcome of the game. A smart punter will try and find the best line given by shopping around multiple bookies.

NFL Picks Against the Spread

As with the above example, you can easily bet both ways, we have shown you how to bet the line but in the example above, a bet against the spread would have been the winner since the browns did not cover and lost by less than 7 points. It is known as covering the spread also commonly referred to as the Browns covered the spread because they lost by less than 7 points from the pre-contest Line.

Money Line Predictions

TeamMoney Linefinal Score

Moneyline NFL betting is by far the easiest and popular form of betting. This is a straight-up win vs losses bet, one picks either the favorite to win or the underdog. To win this bet on the favorite, for example, one has to wager $500 to win 100 and to win on the underdog, one has to wager $100 t0 win $350

NFL Picks and Parlays

Parlays/teasers are combo wagers that help increase winning odds of a particular bet. The punter will combine the spread, Moneyline, and totals to increase the expected payout. A parlay bet only wins when all the multiple outcomes are true and because of the nature of parlays, their odds are usually pretty high and lucrative with the parlay hits.


As the word states, totals are bets that determine a predetermined number of points scored in a game. For example in the upcoming Superbowl LIV between the chiefs and the Niners, the current odds for totals are 65 points so can place a bet on this and its called totals followed closely by the over/under bet.


Closely related to the totals bet, the over/under bet is for a wager based on the total points scored so if the odds determined by the bookmaker for example in our hypothetical above was 65 points, one can place a wager that the points will surpass 65 (over) or it will not (under)


As the 2019 season comes to a close with the super bowl coming after that in Feb 2020, Future odds usually come out about 2 weeks after the super bowl, these future bets are an early wager on who will win the next Superbowl or some of the other factors that are determined after the next season is over. For example, who will win the 2020 season rookie of the year and yet the 2020 draft has not even taken place.

Quarter, First Half and Half timelines

The little less common betting tips are the quarter, first half and half timelines which cover the wagers during those periods of times before the end of games. These are very quick hitting so one does not need to wait until the end of a game to determine the outcome of a wager, in fact, one can bet on the same game over and over again as the periods progress and have multiple wins instead of the traditional one-off for the game. The half time bets in these games restart the half as 0-0 so the outcomes of certain games are determined in the second or even if there is a draw in the second half of a game, these are the myriad of options given in a particular in-game environment.

Round up of Weekly NFL Picks from experts

We all agree that there is a ton of experts who do NFL Predictions on a weekly basis we included. So we thought, Wouldnt be nice if someone did a round-up of all the expert picks and placed it in one place with their current and past records. So one can just bookmark a page and not have to go searching all over the place. Well, bookmark this page then.

The 2020 Superbowl is finally here and we are offering Free NFL picks for sure Betting in this final pinnacle of the season.

Free NFL Picks for the Playoffs

The Tenessee Titans were a surprise NFL Playoffs darling for 2020 season. At the start of the season, Mike Vrabel’s boys were not given any chance to make the playoffs, but a dismantling of the darling Cleveland Browns in the season opener was a shock to many and the culmination of their superb play was the downing of another AFC North foe and the number one seeded Baltimore Ravens. They would go on to lose to the Mahomes led Chiefs in the conference championship but they had cemented their lore this season.

What if we told you that we picked the Titans to make the playoffs in our Futures NFL Predictions, would you believe us?

NFL Picks for the 2020 Super Bowl

Free NFL picks for sure Betting

The Superbowl is the pinnacle of the NFL and this year it pits two offensive marquee teams in the Kansas City Chiefs vs the San Francisco 49ers, this sure will be a high scoring affair given the high octane offenses both these teams bring to the table.

Top betting tips for Super Bowl LIV

What to bet on the Chiefs

  •  Opening line: Chiefs -1 
  • Chiefs team total Over 27.5
  • Tyreek Hill anytime TD scorer +110
  • Garoppolo Over 0.5 interceptions
  • Patrick Mahomes: Over 250 yards passing

What to bet on the 49ers  

  • 49ers +1
  • Under 55.5 (once it gets there)
  • 49ers Over 2.5 sacks (estimated)
  • Raheem Mostert scores 2+ TDs +400
  • Mahomes Over 0.5 interceptions

The computer picks via odd shark

Feb 2 @ 6:30 PMATSTotal
 Predicted Score18.8 – 29.948.7
 Computer PickKC (-1)Under 54
Public ConsensusKC (-1)Over 54
Consensus Bet %52%66%

Superbowl Pick.

Personally, I like the chiefs in this one, Mahomes is explosive and the 49ers are a bit one dimensional, I think it will be a game of the Chiefs front 7 daring the Jimmy to beat them.

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