The Ultimate Risk-free Matched Sports Betting Guide

Matched Sports Betting Guide – The Ultimate Risk-free betting system

Matched Sports Betting – The System

matched sports betting

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Many online sportsbooks offer signup promotions in the form of a free bet or a bonus to attract new customers. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to simply cash them out. To withdraw a promotion you have to fulfill withdrawing rules or terms. These mostly include rollover requirements, minimum odds and even betting on multiple bets before withdrawing is possible.

Fortunately, there is a way by using technique called Matched Betting you can easily and without taking any risk (Betting is risky stuff – This Is Not) profit from these promotions.

What this Matched Sports Betting technique is about?

The key in matched betting is to cut off possibility of losing a bet. To do that you just bet two bets on two opposite outcomes. Nothing is lost and nothing is won.

In order to receive a promotion most bookies require a qualifying bet to be placed and some more bets placed to withdraw the money. The key in this system is to place these two opposite bets until qualifying and withdrawing requirements are cleared and the promotion is yours!

  • If you do this in the same bookie, then most likely your account will be closed very soon as it’s against rules of almost any bookie. So to do matched betting you need two bookies or even better – one bookie(where promotion is) and the betting exchange.

Here is an example of how this works. We’ll assume that both bets at the bookie lost but won at the Exchange.

Matched Sports Betting Example One

In the end you get 10$ more to starting sum. There aren’t any withdrawing restrictions on the Exchange. Once all the money is there you can withdraw money to your bank account!

Here is another example, we’ll assume that all our placed bets won at the bookie. We’ll as well assume that the bonus needs to be rolled over 3 times prior to withdrawing.

Matched Sports Betting Example Two

Surly last example isn’t common, mostly you will not constantly win only at one sportsbook, but the point still stands – you should bet until rollover requirements at the bookmaker are met and withdraw is possible or all cash at the bookie is lost(moved to the exchange).

How is a betting exchange different from a bookie?

The difference is in types of bets you can place at both sportsbooks:

Bookmaker – Possibility to place bets for something to happen. i.e. to Back something.

Betting Exchange – Gives possibility to place bets for something to happen and for something to not to happen. i.e. to Lay something.

Using a betting exchange over other regular bookies to match bets gives you following advantages:

  • Betting exchanges are more trustful – they will not limit your stakes or close your account if you win or bet too much.
  • Much easier to find and calculate bets – If a bookie is used – you’ll need to place multiple back bets in order to match a bet. For example in a soccer match to bet against team A to win, you’ll have to back B team to win and also back the draw. Imagine what if you bet on correct score markets? There is around 20 outcomes! If exchange is used, you just need to find the same bet as in the bookie and just lay it!

Of course you can use betting exchange all the time for every promotion. There will be many times where you lose all bets at the bookmaker and win at the betting exchange and there will be no need to even fulfil the withdrawing rules.

You just need to verify your account and you can take money out of betting exchange at any time. In order to verify Betfair account go to My Account->My Profile and follow instructions.

Another aspect you should take into account is different odds in the bookie and in the betting exchange.Read more about the Odds Read more about Lay Betting

I would recommend staying in an odds margin of 0.05 if betting at odds of 2.0 – 3.0 and a bit larger margin if odds are 3.0 and more.

Types of Promotions and Qualifying Bets

All promotions can be assigned to two categories:

  • Free Bet Stake Returned (Free Bet SR) – Free Bet Stake Returned also called a Bonus. This type of promotion is given to as additional funds to bet with.
  • Free Bet Stake Not Returned (Free Bet SNR) – Free Bet Stake Not Returned, also simply called a Free Bet. A bookie will only return winnings not the stake. For example, You use Free Bet SNR to bet £10 at odds of 1.5, if you win you’ll get £5 (initial £10 stake will be gone).  Free Bet SNR value is equivalent to Free Bet SR value divided with 2.

Some bookies will grant a promotion straight after deposit is made, but some will not they’ll require a qualifying bet.

Qualifying bets

Qualifying Bets can be assigned in two categories:

  • To receive a promotion you have to place a bet. After bet is settled you receive a promotion. Use “Free Bet SR” in Matched Betting Calculator.
  • To receive a promotion you have to place a bet and lose. Promotion is not given if bet wins. If you encounter this type of promotion use “Free Bet SNR” in Matched Betting Calculator.

Learn how to use Matched Betting Calculator

Free Bets List

To find all free bets easily. provides a Free Bets list. There you can find all the available promotions offered by online bookies.

When you start clearing free bets I recommend you to start with smallest promotions and then proceed to the biggest ones. So choose 1-20 value. Also you can sort promotions from smaller to bigger ones.

I also advise you to start with 100% promotions. 100% means that if you deposit $100, you’ll be granted $100 free bet SR or SNR. After you’re done with 100% ones why shouldn’t collect 50% or smaller ones, as after clearing all the 100% you’ll have decent bank and ones less than 100% shouldn’t give any trouble and take much time.

As country select country where you live in.

If you want more advanced filtering press “Advanced >>” and select needed options, but for regular promotion extracting you don’t need to use advanced.

When SUBMIT is pressed, you’ll get list of all promotions according to details entered. Also you can see if it’s a SNR or SR free bet, so you know what to use in the calculator.

 Step by Step Example

1. Scan documents which confirms your identity and address. Some bookies will want to confirm your age and address. Don’t worry this is 100% safe, especially if you use our free bets list. We tested all bookies.

2. Create a new email. You will receive many emails, it’s better that a bookmaker sent emails will be separated from your other emails, there will be a lot of junk too. Always subscribe at every bookie you register as sometimes bookies will give you second free bets or other promotions.

3. Register at MoneyBookers. MoneyBookers is an online payment system, similar to PayPal. Some bookmakers will give you a bigger bonus if you deposit money with MoneyBookers. Also, it will be easier to manage your money separately from other transactions. Deposit at least £10.

4. Get familiar with Matched Betting Calculator.

5. Register at Betfair. Deposit £20.

6. Go to Free Bets list and choose smallest value category(1-19).

7. As first Bookie we’ll choose PAF, the value of the promotion is only £4.34, so you’ll not risk big money if you mess something up at your first try.

Press claim, you’ll see the description of the free bet promotion. It says that you have to deposit and bet a free bet of at least €10 and if it loses, they refund it.

So our first bet actually is Free Bet SNR as it’s refunded if lost.

8. Deposit €10 (that’s around £9), you can deposit via MoneyBookers.

9. Next task is to find the same bet in IASbet and Betfair with small odds margin and calculate lay stake. Remember you’ll have to back same event in the bookie and lay the same event in the exchange. Just browse both sportsbooks and find bets.

If you don’t see “Lay” tab, be sure to enable following option:

Matched Sports Betting

I found a match between Ary United and Raith Rovers. Odds at the Paf are 2.25 but at Betfair 2.28:

The margin between odds is quite decent, but sometimes if you’re lucky, it’s possible to find lower odds in Betfair than in a bookie, so that you make even more profit.

My money balance at Paf is €10 so I’ll bet them all, if I lose I’ll receive refund of €10.

To calculate the amount of lay stake I need to place at the betting exchange, I’m using the Matched Sports Betting Calculator:

I use Great Britain Pounds as my currency at Betfair, I need to convert EUR to GBP:

10. Now I know both stakes and I can place both bets – Back Raith Rovers at PAF and Lay Raith Rovers at Betfair:

Press “PLACE BET” and confirm the selection. Now do the same at Betfair:

Click “Place Bets” and confirm the bet.

11. Now we have to wait for bets to settle. In my case Ary United won the match. So bet at the bookie lost but at the exchange won. So I got € 10 refund and now I’m richer by £4.88 (€5.61)

There isn’t any rollover requirements at Paf so it’s straight cash refund and can be withdrawn at any time.

12. Next step is to withdraw money to MoneyBookers.

  • Here is a table like before to summarize this process better. Note that I didn’t convert to pounds!

That’s it after you’re done with the first bookmaker move to the next one and so on…

Below is a video that explains the whole system too.

If you still have trouble understanding something or finding bets ask by contacting us! We’ll be happy to Help You!