Mobile Sports Betting Apps by State and OS.

Sports Betting Explained

Mobile sports betting apps are a natural extension of legalized sports betting and we believe the future of online sports betting in the US.

In May of 2018, the United States supreme court ruled in favor of the state of New Jersey in a landmark case often referred to as the PASPA Case which essentially struck down a 1992 federal law that had made it illegal for sports betting in all states except Nevada. After that ruling, several states have legalized sports betting or are in the process of enacting legislation to legalize sports betting.

For most of these states to make any revenue on sports betting on the internet age, they had to figure out a way to assign licensing based on each state’s needs. For the most part, the states partner with Casinos, Racetracks and other proprietors of physical locations to offer sports betting at said locations for a fee.

The Future of Sports Betting in the US.

In the Internet age, technology has created the freedom of convenience and this is the logical key in driving the market place. More and More Consumers will want the freedom of placing their bets at their own convenience using means available to them which is either a computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone via Mobile Sports Betting apps.

At the moment for one to place a bet in a given state, they must be within 2 miles inside the state borders of a state that has legalized sports betting so as long as a person is in that range, one can place a sports bet using their choice of mobile sports betting apps.

As more and more states jump on the legalized sports betting bandwagon the logical end for the market place would be companies working with states nationwide and offering a digital presence in each state without having the overhead of physical locations in those states, which if you think about it is the backbone of internet commerce at its finest.

The current state of Mobile Sports Betting Apps.

With legislation in most states at its infancy and technology quickly working to catch up, not all the states that have Legalized sports betting also have an online presence with sports betting app. Below is a list of the currently available Mobile sports betting apps by state.

Mobile Sports Betting apps in New Jersey

Since New Jersey was responsible for the state of Legalized Sports betting in the US we will start there.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps in Pennsylvania

While Pennsylvania does not have as many apps as New Jersey, more are on the way to opening soon.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps in West Virginia

While West Virginia is next on the list of up and coming apps.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps in Mississipi

While Mississippi has one the highest number of sports betting locations with over 2 dozen locations scattered around the state. State law has yet to approve mobile sports betting so only in-person wagers are currently accepted.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps in Indiana

Indiana had a strong first month in September of 2019 with 35 million in wagers. The state saw 10 sportsbooks open in September, and those books combined to take in more than $35.2 million in bets, according to figures released by the Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC). They produced adjusted gross revenues of nearly $8.6 million.

Indiana claimed more than $813,000 in taxes, based on the 9.5 percent rate lawmakers approved earlier this year. That’s when they passed the expanded gaming bill that allowed the state’s casinos, racinos, and off-track betting parlors to accept sports wagers.

DraftKings Sports Book and BetRivers started operating in the state in October 2019.