Empress of the Nile

empress of the nile

Empress of the Nile

Welcome to the world of Cleopatra, the last true ruler of ancient Egypt. She was powerful with many great accomplishments and her love story with Mark Anthony was legendary.

Because her legend is so captivating to many people, which is also why she’s a popular figure with the online slots games. She’s the highest paying symbol in the reels of the Empress of the Nile, from High 5 Games.

The slots game has more than 50 pay lines to bet from with coins ranging from 0.01 to 4.00 for the upper limit players. Super and wild symbols increase the game’s volatility by randomly replacing the current ones.

The super symbols appear across all four reels in rounds 2, 3, and 4. This makes reels 2 and 4 virtually the same which locks out the bonus potential

At the payouts are as follows:

  1. Cleopatra pays 250X.
  2. Caesar, Antony, and the priest pay 10-150X.
  3.  Royal icons of 5, J, Q, K, and A pay 5-30X the line bet.
VolatilityMedium Volatility
Return to Player (RTP)96.5%
Min Bet0.50 minimum per spin
Max Bet500.00 per spin
Game Features– Super Symbols
– Free spins Bonus Rounds
– Jackpot payouts
– Sub symbol in feature
– Expanding wilds
– Scatter symbol
DeveloperHigh 5 Games
Casinos Offering the Game

Online slots games have become very popular in this day of home lock downs and the COVID 19 Pandemic. Imagine playing this slots game from the comfort of your home on a laptop or phone app.

Winning has never been easier and Empress of the Nile is one of the top online slots games on the market today.

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How Online Casino Poker plays the Ace

Playing the Ace in Online Casino Poker

Online Casino Poker

During online casino poker, the one card that carries both ecstasy and misery is the Ace. Online casino players continually overplay this one card and it gets them into all kinds of trouble. The big trap both experienced and new online casino poker players fall into is the “ace-anything” thought process of going to the wall with these hands and getting into trouble. The Ace is the best card when combined with another power card, but it can be a dangerous card when combined with weaker cards in online casino poker.

An ace with a 9 or below is actually not a very strong hand, especially in an online casino poker game with several players. In a game with two or three players, the hand is much stronger, but at full tables, it is a hand to get rid of most of the time.

There are some situations in which you might want to play a suited ace such as the small blind or the button, but usually, the hand just gets you into some serious trouble. You have to remember that even if your Ace pairs you may not have a strong hand because of your weak kicker and that is a good way to lose a lot of money. Even when the ace is suited, a weak kicker causes you to wonder where you really are in the hand.

The one place to call with a weak ace in an online casino poker game is from the button because you have a position and can better anticipate where you are in the hand. It all comes down to how well you can read your opponent and what he has in his hand.

Another problem with a weak ace in an online casino poker game is that players feel it is a raising hand. It is bad enough that people play the hand at all, but many players will raise with it. When you have a suited ace with a weak kicker what you really want is to flop something that pairs your weak kicker because that can turn your hand into a good one. You might have Ace-9 and then pair your 9 on the flop. This is where you want to be, not the opposite where you pair your Ace and have a weak kicker. It also helps if your ace-anything hand is suited because then you can at least be drawing to the nut flush.

As we said earlier, online casino poker players overplay the ace-anything hand because they fall in love with the Ace and don’t see all the trouble it can cause. You should not make that same mistake. You have to be a good enough player to get away from the ace-anything hands. Don’t play it out of position and don’t fall in love with it at a full table. Be able to easily throw it away and realize it is not that good a starting hand and your online casino poker success will be better.

Online Casino Poker Traits

Online Casino Poker Traits for winning hands among other strategies.

Online Casino Poker Traits

Anytime you are playing Texas Holdem at an online casino you are going to run into a variety of players. You will see in the online casino weak players, strong players, players who go on tilt, loose players, tight players, etc. The popularity of Texas Holdem in online casinos is huge and playing Texas Holdem in online casinos has changed the face of the game from the old school to the new school and it is interesting to see what traits the top players have.

When you are playing Texas Holdem in an online casino a lot of different things can happen. Bad beat stories are a dime a dozen and it seems in online casino poker that people will oftentimes play nearly every hand. The top Texas Holdem players though don’t play every hand. They are trying to minimize their mistakes. Mistakes in poker happen even to the pros. The difference is that the pros learn from them and recognize them, while the amateurs do not. Realizing mistakes and trying to learn from them is one of the top traits of excellent online casino Texas Holdem players.

Another positive trait of online casino players is the ability not to get upset at what happens. In Texas Holdem the good online casino player does not get upset when someone draws out on him or how unlucky the hand was played. The good player takes this as part of the game and moves on. The bad player lets it affect his entire game. In addition to not going on tilt in reaction to bad beats, the good online casino Texas Holdem player doesn’t change his strategy and start playing more hands just to get even. He waits patiently and picks his spots just as he normally would. One of the top traits of successful online casino Texas Holdem players is to not adjust your game because you are up or down money in a session. It is best to look at poker as a continual war and that means not adjusting your strategy after just one minor skirmish. If you adjust your play based on winning or losing that will allow other players to gain an advantage over you.

If you are playing poker at an online casino, or any other online casino game for that matter, practicing money management is critical. This goes right back to keeping composure in the face of losses. It applies to all areas of gambling. Without money management and discipline the best players still lose money. Top players are able to control their emotions and not let the game dictate their play. If you watch top poker players you will see that they control their play, not the cards. That trait is a good one to learn and to put into practice on a daily basis.

There are good online casino poker traits and there are bad ones. Try and remember to focus on the good ones and eliminate the bad ones. This will improve your overall game and make you more successful.