How Online Casino Poker plays the Ace

Playing the Ace in Online Casino Poker

Online Casino Poker

During online casino poker, the one card that carries both ecstasy and misery is the Ace. Online casino players continually overplay this one card and it gets them into all kinds of trouble. The big trap both experienced and new online casino poker players fall into is the “ace-anything” thought process of going to the wall with these hands and getting into trouble. The Ace is the best card when combined with another power card, but it can be a dangerous card when combined with weaker cards in online casino poker.

An ace with a 9 or below is actually not a very strong hand, especially in an online casino poker game with several players. In a game with two or three players, the hand is much stronger, but at full tables, it is a hand to get rid of most of the time.

There are some situations in which you might want to play a suited ace such as the small blind or the button, but usually, the hand just gets you into some serious trouble. You have to remember that even if your Ace pairs you may not have a strong hand because of your weak kicker and that is a good way to lose a lot of money. Even when the ace is suited, a weak kicker causes you to wonder where you really are in the hand.

The one place to call with a weak ace in an online casino poker game is from the button because you have a position and can better anticipate where you are in the hand. It all comes down to how well you can read your opponent and what he has in his hand.

Another problem with a weak ace in an online casino poker game is that players feel it is a raising hand. It is bad enough that people play the hand at all, but many players will raise with it. When you have a suited ace with a weak kicker what you really want is to flop something that pairs your weak kicker because that can turn your hand into a good one. You might have Ace-9 and then pair your 9 on the flop. This is where you want to be, not the opposite where you pair your Ace and have a weak kicker. It also helps if your ace-anything hand is suited because then you can at least be drawing to the nut flush.

As we said earlier, online casino poker players overplay the ace-anything hand because they fall in love with the Ace and don’t see all the trouble it can cause. You should not make that same mistake. You have to be a good enough player to get away from the ace-anything hands. Don’t play it out of position and don’t fall in love with it at a full table. Be able to easily throw it away and realize it is not that good a starting hand and your online casino poker success will be better.