Need a Top Online sports Prediction site? Below are the 10 critical rules to follow

Online sports Prediction site – Well whenever there is a sports bettor, there will always be sports prediction sites. For the most part when one feels the need to go with an online sports prediction to increase their chances of winning, one has to consider a few factors.

  1. Temper your expectations of an online sports Prediction site – It’s understandable for someone to want to win 100% of the time, it is their money they have on the line and losing it is not something one wants to do. But logic dictates that no one can offer 100% returns when betting and it is even rarer for a 75% return. So the first thing would be to temper expectations and someone who promises over 75% consistent returns is lying to you.
  2. Verifiable track record by a third party of the online sports Prediction site. Past results are not by any means indicative of future results and performance but they can be a decent indicator of a prediction site’s claims and a claim which can be verified by an independent party is that much better. Before you put money with a prediction service, please make sure their claims can be verified.
  3. Find a Professional bettor behind an online sports Prediction site – Yes there are professional sports gamblers out there, for example, James Holzhauer who is a record winning Jeopardy champion on his days off and some of these professionals happen to be online teaching betting strategies. If you Include 3rd party verification you can find a legitimate professional to help with your sports prediction journey.
  4. The longevity of the Online sports Prediction Site – Find someone who has been in the business for a long time, a minimum of 3 years to work with. For one someone who has been in the business that long must be doing something right because most fly by night operations do not last long. Second most betting systems work for a short time as the strategies are cyclical, someone who has been around for a long time will have survived the ups and downs of the business. The best way to find someone who has been around for a while is to run their sites through the internet way back machine.
  5. Technology-based Online Sports Prediction site – Artificial intelligence has come a long way and it has been shown to beat most human-based models in predictive algorithms in poker and sports betting. It is the future of sports betting in my opinion and you need to find a site that incorporates AI in their prediction services.
  6. Free vs Paid – Mark Lawrenson, aka Lawro, makes free premier league predictions for the BBC, he has been doing this for a few years now and his predictions are pretty accurate and free. So if for example, you are interested in betting the premier league then that would be a good place to start. If a prediction site offers free trials and or money back guarantees then this would be the way to go. It is an opportunity to get your feet wet before diving in.
  7. Sports Betting strategy – to win at sports betting, one needs a strategy and the sports prediction site that you choose should align with your own. value, matched, wins and losses or any other strategy you choose must maximize your profits and ROI.
  8. Bet for Fun – Betting should always be for fun and yes you will always hear how success stories change people’s lives, more rarely do you hear of the disasters because losers do not publicize their failures and more people lose than win which is why the old adage of the house always wins is true.
  9. Gambling addiction – Many have fallen on the quick win trap that gambling advertises and found themselves in an ever ending cycle of gambling addiction. Beware of the disease before embarking down that road.
  10. Betting as a Group – Add friends and family to your betting group to make it more fun and have more than one person working on a strategy. working as a group gives one the chance to have a sounding board and not go over the top.