Free Super9ja Prediction: Win Big in 2021

Super9ja Prediction

Super9ja Prediction – Round 269 on 23-10-2021 

  • Inter Milano vs Juventus
  • Roma vs Napoli
  • Manchester United vs Liverpool
  • Hertha vs Borussia M’
  • Marseille vs PSG
  • Barcelona vsa Real Madrid

Super9ja prediction

23-10Inter Milano vs Juventus
Inter vs Juventus
23-10Roma vs Napoli
AS Roma vs Napoli
23-10Manchester United vs Liverpool
Manchester United vs Liverpool
23-10Hertha vs Borussia M’
Hertha Berlin vs Borussia M'
23-10Marseille vs PSG
Marseille vs PSG
23-10Barcelona vsa Real Madrid
Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Super9ja Prediction – Round 269 on 16-10-2021 

  • Lazio vs Inter
  • Newcastle vs Tottenham
  • Juventus vs Roma
  • Lyonnais vs Monaco
  • Leverkusen vs FC Bayern Munich
  • Barcelona vs  Valencia

Super9ja prediction

16-10Lazio vs Inter
Lazio vs Inter
16-10Newcastle vs Tottenham
Newcastle vs Tottenham
16-10Juventus vs Roma
Juventus vs AS Roma
16-10Lyonnais vs Monaco
Lyon vs Monaco
17-10Leverkusen vs Bayern Munich
Bayer Leverkusen vs Bayern Munich
16-10Barcelona vs Valencia
Barcelona vs Valencia

Super9ja Prediction – Round 269 on 09-10-2021 

  • Finland vs Ukraine
  • Azerbaijan vs Ireland
  • Sweden vs Northern Ireland
  • Hungary vs Albania
  • Scotland vs Israel
  • Georgia vs Greece

Super9ja prediction

09-10Finland vs Ukraine
Finland vs Ukraine
09-10Hungary vs AlbaniaHungary vs Albania
09-10Azerbaijan vs Republic of Ireland
Azerbaijan vs Rep. Of Ireland
09-10Scotland vs IsraelScotland vs Israel
09-10Sweden vs Northern IrelandSweden vs Kosovo
09-10Georgia vs GreeceGeorgia vs Greece

Super9ja Prediction – Round 267 on 25-09-2021 

  • Chelsea vs Southampton
  • Liverpool vs Manchester City
  • Stade Rennes vs PSG
  • Atalanta vs Milan
  • Espanyol vs Real Madrid
  • Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona

Super9ja prediction

03-10Chelsea vs Southampton
Chelsea vs Southampton
03-10Liverpool vs Manchester City
Liverpool vs Manchester City
03-10Stade Rennes vs PSG
Rennes vs Paris Saint Germain
03-10Atalanta vs Milan
Atalanta vs AC Milan
03-10Espanyol vs Real Madrid
Espanyol vs Real Madrid
03-10Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona
Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona

Super9ja Prediction – Round 267 on 25-09-2021 

  • Manchester United vs Aston Villa
  • Chelsea vs Manchester City
  • Lazio vs Roma
  • Inter Milano vs Atalanta
  • Real Madrid vs Villarreal
  • Barcelona vs Levante

Super9ja prediction

25-09Manchester United vs Aston Villa
Manchester United vs Aston Villa
25-09Chelsea vs Manchester City
Chelsea vs Manchester City
25-09Lazio vs Roma
Lazio vs AS Roma
25-09Inter Milano vs Atalanta
Inter vs Atalanta
25-09Real Madrid vs Villarreal
Real Madrid vs Villarreal
25-09Barcelona vs Levante
Barcelona vs Levante

Super9ja Prediction – Round 266 on 18-09-2021

  • Borussia Dortmund vs Berlin
  • Aston Villa vs Everton
  • Valencia vs Real Madrid
  • Tottenham vs Chelsea
  • PSG vs Lyon
  • Juventus vs Milan

Super9ja prediction

18-09Borussia Dortmund vs Berlin
Borussia Dortmund vs Union Berlin
18-09Aston Villa vs Everton
Aston Villa vs Everton
18-09Valencia vs Real Madrid
Valencia vs Real Madrid
18-09Tottenham vs Chelsea
Tottenham vs Chelsea
18-09PSG vs Lyon
Paris Saint Germain vs Lyon
18-09Juventus vs Milan

Super9ja Prediction – Round 265 on 11-09-2021

  • Leipzig vs FC Bayern Munich
  • Leeds Utd vs Liverpool
  • Leicester vs Manchester City
  • Espanyol vs Atletico Madrid
  • Napoli vs Juventus
  • Milan vs Lazio

Super9ja prediction

11-09Leipzig vs Bayern Munich
RB Leipzig vs Bayern Munich
11-09Espanyol vs Atletico Madrid
Espanyol vs Atletico Madrid
11-09Leeds Utd vs Liverpool
Leeds vs Liverpool
11-09Napoli vs Juventus
Napoli vs Juventus
11-09Leicester vs Manchester City
Leicester vs Manchester City
11-09Milan vs LazioAC Milan vs Lazio

Super9ja Prediction – Round 264 on 04-09-2021

  • Ireland vs Azerbaijan
  • Ukraine vs France
  • Slovakia vs Croatia
  • Brazil vs Argentina
  • Belgium vs Czech Republic
  • Switzerland vs Italy

super9ja prediction

04-09Ireland vs Azerbaijan
Rep. Of Ireland vs Azerbaijan
04-09Ukraine vs France
Ukraine vs France
04-09Slovakia vs Croatia
Slovakia vs Croatia
04-09Brazil vs Argentina
Brazil vs Argentina
04-09Belgium vs Czech Republic
Belgium vs Czech Republic
04-09Switzerland vs Italy
Switzerland vs Italy

Super9ja Prediction – Round 263

Super9ja prediction

28-08 Juventus vs Empoli FC
Juventus vs Empoli
28-08Liverpool vs Chelsea
Liverpool vs Chelsea
28-08Atletico Madrid vs CF Villarreal
Atletico Madrid vs Villarreal
28-08Stade De Reims vs PSG
Reims vs Paris Saint Germain
28-08Real Betis vs Real Madrid
Real Betis vs Real Madrid
28-08Wolves vs Manchester United
Wolves vs Manchester United

Super9ja Predictions – Round 217

  • Leicester vs Manchester United
  • West Ham United Aston Villa
  • Palace vs Spurs
  • Chelsea vs Wolves
  • Newcastle vs Liverpool
  • Arsenal vs Watford
22-08Wolves Vs Tottenham
22-08Halmstad Vs Norrkoping
22-08Montpellier Vs Lorient
22-08Bordeaux Vs Angers
22-08Metz Vs Reims
22-08Hoffenheim Vs Union Berlin
22-08Zulte Waregem Vs Charleroi
22-08Arsenal Vs Chelsea
22-08Orebro Vs Sirius
22-08Reggina Vs Monza
22-08Ternana Vs Brescia
22-08Sandefjord Vs Tromso
22-08Khimki Vs Rubin Kazan
22-08Pisa Vs Spal
22-08Cremonese Vs Lecce
22-08Nice Vs Marseille
22-08Mechelen Vs Union Gilloise

Super9ja Predictions – Round 207

  • Hertha BSC Berlin vs FC Bayern Munich
  • Newcastle United vs Chelsea
  • Real Madrid FC vs Sevilla
  • Liverpool vs Manchester United
  • Burnley FC vs Leicester
  • Napoli AC vs Fiorentina
17-08Dortmund Vs Bayern
Dortmund vs Bayern Munich
17-08Barnsley Vs Luton
Barnsley vs Luton
17-08Blackpool Vs Coventry
Blackpool vs Coventry
17-08Huddersfield Vs Preston
Huddersfield vs Preston
17-08Millwall Vs Fulham
Millwall vs Fulham
17-08Peterborough Vs Cardiff
Peterborough vs Cardiff
17-08Swansea Vs Stoke
Swansea vs Stoke City
17-08Reading Vs Bristol City
Reading vs Bristol City

Super9ja Predictions – Round 203

  • Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace
  • Watford vs Manchester United
  • Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea
  • Atalanta vs Milan
  • Manchester City vs Leicester
  • Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao
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Super9ja Predictions – Round 202

  • Real Sociedad vs FC Barcelona
  • Metz vs Marseille
  • CF Valencia vs Real Madrid
  • Manchester United vs Everton FC
  • AC Fiorentina vs Inter Milano
  • Chelsea vs Bournemouth
Win #1 ($5):Win #2 ($5):Win #3 ($5):Win #4 ($5):Win #5 ($5):
18/38 x $5(20/38) x (18/38) x $5(20/38)² x (18/38)² x $5(20/38)³ x (18/38)² x $5(20/38)³ x (18/38)² x $5

Super9ja Predictions – Round 201

  • Bayer 04 Leverkusen vs Schalke 04
  • SS Lazio Roma vs Juventus
  • Osasuna vs FC Sevilla
  • Manchester City vs Manchester United
  • Bologna vs Milan
  • Bournemouth vs Liverpool
TeamSpread before kick offfinal Score

Super9ja Prediction Free – Round 200 predictions

  • Chelsea vs West Ham United
  • FC Bayern Munich vs Bayer 04 Leverkusen
  • Manchester United vs Aston Villa
  • Atletico Madrid vs FC Barcelona
  • Tottenham Hotspur vs Bournemouth
  • Monaco vs Paris Saint Germain
TeamMoney Linefinal Score

Super9ja Free Predictions – The current super9ja jackpot is Predict 6 Scores and Win 10,000,000 with Guaranteed Jackpots for Top 20 Players each round! The current round is 198 and these are the predictions for it.

  • Northern Ireland vs The Netherlands
  • Serbia vs Ukraine
  • Israel vs Poland
  • Kosovo vs England
  • Russia vs Belgium
  • Albania vs France
TeamSpread before kick offfinal Score

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