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Scores and odds are the most fundamental tools of any betting strategy. Pre-game odds give you the estimated return on your investment while live scores give you up to the minute tracking of said investment. Put those two together and you can mitigate a losing bet by cashing out early or partial cash out if your bet is not going as planned.

Scores and Odds NFL

Bookmark this page and during the season we will provide Scores and Odds NFL, stats, as well as a bevy of parlay picks for every game.

ores and odds NFL

Let’s start with the most popular sport in the US Today. The NFL is at the pinnacle of American football and the league has millions of fans in the states and around the world.

I am a big Cleveland Browns fan but I rarely bet on them unless its a sure deal and here is why. I am so emotionally invested in this team that my bets on it would always be tainted by bias. For the pro bettor, however, having intimate knowledge of the team without the bias baggage.

The first step would be to check out the Browns Pre-game odds first and then follow the live-action. One of our signatures wins last year was the 40-24 week 4 win over the Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium

The Ravens were favored by seven points in the pre-game odds, while the over-under is set at 45 but as the game went on, you could tell the Browns came to play and a pre-game bet would have been a loser unless you cashed out based on the scores and odds as the game went on.

Scores and Odds NBA

Scores and Odds NBA

A basketball game is quite different from a Football game in terms of scores and Odds, simply because the points scored in both games are vastly different and the odds provided while they may be the same range, they are determined quite differently.

For obvious reason, the over/under on NBA Games is a lot higher than the NFL for example and requires some mental adjustment if you are used to betting one or the other leagues and are switching over.

NBA Scores and Odds will help in determining the type of wagers to place on a game. My most profitable bets on the NBA have come from live bets.

Most NBA game is decided in the last 2 minutes it is said so one can live bet a game as it goes along, cash out and then bet the straight winner in the last 2 minutes.

Scores and Odds MLB

scores and odds MLB

The MLB scores and odds cover both pre-game odds and live scores as well as live odds as the games go on. We also have adjusted live lines as well as other betting stats and opportunities for the bettor.

In 2020, the coronavirus has delayed the start of the baseball season and there is a high likelihood of a shortened season which in turn will affect the futures odds for 2020.

At FanGraphs, blogger Dan Szymborski took a deep look at how the playoff odds change given the length of a shortened season.

His premise was that the shorter the season, the more the odds get spread out among all the teams. Because of the lack of parity between MLB teams, the level of talent being pretty much equal across the board. It makes it a lot harder to extrapolate a favorite where odds are concerned, it is more the luck of the draw the shorter the season gets cut. below are a few examples of the change in odds variance.

  • Royals going from a 0.2% shot at making the postseason to 14.3% in a half shortened season.
  • Dodgers drop from 98.7% to 71.1% in the same half-season scenario.

Here is the complete list

ZiPS Playoff Probabilities – 162 Games vs. 81 Games

Team162 Games Playoff %81 Game Playoff%Difference
Texas Rangers1.6%19.3%17.7%
Los Angeles Angels15.6%33.2%17.6%
Chicago White Sox18.7%35.0%16.3%
Toronto Blue Jays0.9%16.7%15.8%
Kansas City Royals0.2%14.3%14.1%
Colorado Rockies0.7%13.8%13.1%
Pittsburgh Pirates0.8%13.4%12.6%
Philadelphia Phillies18.2%30.7%12.5%
Arizona Diamondbacks18.9%31.1%12.2%
Miami Marlins0.1%10.0%9.9%
San Francisco Giants0.1%9.9%9.8%
Cincinnati Reds23.1%31.9%8.8%
Boston Red Sox31.9%40.1%8.2%
St. Louis Cardinals28.1%34.0%5.9%
Detroit Tigers0.0%5.8%5.8%
Seattle Mariners0.0%5.1%5.1%
Milwaukee Brewers31.0%34.6%3.6%
Baltimore Orioles0.0%1.9%1.9%
Cleveland Indians51.2%47.0%-4.2%
Oakland A’s52.5%47.6%-4.9%
New York Mets46.3%40.9%-5.4%
Chicago Cubs46.6%39.6%-7.0%
San Diego Padres49.4%42.0%-7.4%
Atlanta Braves66.3%47.2%-19.1%
Minnesota Twins75.4%55.5%-19.9%
Tampa Bay Rays77.2%55.8%-21.4%
Washington Nationals71.7%49.5%-22.2%
Houston Astros84.1%59.3%-24.8%
New York Yankees90.5%63.3%-27.2%
Los Angeles Dodgers98.7%71.4%-27.3%

Scores and Odds NHL


The NHL has always done a great job connecting with its fans and this commitment by extension allows for a unique opportunity with the scores and odds MLB. The League usually helps fans stay connected to the League’s players and the game by providing access to unique content as well as live data which in turn helps with accurately predicting games.

College Basketball and Football (NCAAB & NCAAF)


In the college football and Basketball season, our scores and odds NCAAB, Scores and odds NCAAF, takes on two of the most popular sports in college and two of the most wagered on sports in college. For a serious bettor looking at these two statistical points will help shape their betting strategy. Pregame odds as stated earlier are the starting points to let one know who the favorites are and what the lines are before the game starts after that following the scores will help one adjust their bets as the games go on.

Nothing is ever quite unique as March Madness and the college football playoffs. While we all agree that the college sports regular season is itself unique, the corresponding playoffs bring the experience to another level.

For example, in the college football playoffs, there is a selection committee that determines seeding for the top 4 teams in the country who meet in the semi-finals and finals to determine the winner. and in college basketball the march madness tournament that determines the top tournament winner.

Scores and Odds Soccer

Scores and odds soccer follows the top leagues in the world which include the following popular ones.

  • English Premier League
  • La Liga (Spanish Football League)
  • Serie A (Italian top flight)
  • Ligue 1 (French league)
  • Bundesliga (German top flight)

As well as other lower-tier leagues like the English championship sides. Data is king and getting accurate and reliable data on these matches before they start and live-action data during games is key to winning one’s bet.

Scores and odds XFL


Never has a league embraced gambling as the XFL has done, one of the unique features of the scores and odds XFL is to add the live money line on its broadcasts as shown in the image above as well as encourage their commentators to add gambling-related lingo in their broadcasts.

There has never been a professional sports league that has done that before and it paid dividends in making the XFL more popular than ever in its inaugural season.

It’s not just the broadcast either, the XFL integrated Gambling in the fabric of the game by allowing teams to go for 1 or 2 or 3 points after each score, giving teams an opportunity to create a better playing field for comebacks and increasing their scores and odds opportunities.

Scores and Odds mobile

Apps have changed the way we consume data and this is a classic example of scores and odds mobile because there are several apps on the market today for both Apple and Android devices that offer all the key scores and odds when on the go. Combine those with the sportsbooks apps and you can both do your research and execute bets from mobile devices.

When choosing these mobile Apps make sure they offer at least the following features.

  • Live scores and odds including changes in the lines
  • Breaking News
  • Real-time alerts
  • in-depth match data
  • any other data that would affect the bet.

These are the best ones that we have tried out and can be found in the app store

  • CBS Sports – Scores, News and Stats
  • The Action Network: Sports Scores & Live Tracker
  • Sports Insights  – Betting Odds and Trends
  • Live Scores and Odds
  • theScore: Sports News & Scores
  • SharpSide Sports Betting App

Scores n Odds Twitter


Twitter can be a goldmine when looking for information and breaking news about a particular team and match. We follow some of the top teams and sports news sites that help us curate information for the sports and odds features.

With the integration of social media into our lives, teams are more likely to break their own news before news outlets pick it up and with twitter creating alerts is a breeze. Before placing a bet on a team it is always advisable to check out any unexpected and real-time news and there is no better place to find it than twitter.

Vegas Scores and Odds

For a long time, Vegas was the gambling capital of the world with its Casinos and sportsbooks. Some of the top Las Vegas odds, sportsbook betting lines, betting trends and Vegas casino sportsbook lines are found in vegas so it’s only logical that we have a scores and odds section that covers the Vegas sportsbooks.

This is not to diminish the other states like Jersey and online sportsbooks but we believe that Vegas deserves its own section for those still visiting sin city and need direct access to its sports betting.

Live Vegas odds and line moves that are updated every two minutes as well as live scores that are updated every 10 seconds leads to a unique Vegas sports betting experience.

Live, Free, Today and Yesterday

Free scores and odds for today and yesterday so that one can follow the games as they proceed with live odds, as well as all the results from the previous day games, can be a crucial component of any betting strategy which makes it necessary for the bettor.

Yesterday scores and odds and any other historical data are available for free on some of the sites online but the curated data is usually hard to come by and we felt this to be the perf3ect opportunity to offer it for free here.


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