Soccer Proposition Bets

Soccer Proposition bets which are commonly referred to as Soccer Prop Bets are much different than your typical money line and over/under type bets.

Soccer Proposition Bets, Soccer Prop Bets


For one, proposition bets are not necessarily just placed on the outcome of a game, a proposition bet could be almost anything.

You can make proposition bets on things like who is going to score the first goal, who will get a yellow card first, and a whole range of other intriguing bets. Proposition bets are useful for an experienced soccer fan who knows the ins and outs of at least one of the teams on the pitch.

You need to be at least a little bit knowledgeable regarding the teams that are playing in the match, otherwise, you will probably end up making a silly bet, like betting on a defender to score the first goal. If you’re not familiar with the teams involved in a bet you’re considering, try a reference site like ours for scores and odds or consider making a bet involving clubs you’re more familiar with.

Soccer Proposition betting or soccer Prop bets is very non-traditional and adds a bunch of new elements to the scope of betting that was not really reached by regular bets.

Live Soccer Proposition Bets

Since a lot of sites, like Bovada and Bet365 USA, are offering live, in-game soccer betting, there are even more options when it comes to proposition betting.

It works the same basic way no matter what. Of course, if you bet on Kaka to score a goal, and he has already scored once in the game, the odds will change considerably and the money you win can vary greatly from what it would have been if you bet on him before he scored his first goal.

This is the same with just about everything. And of course, as the game progresses, the odds are continuously changing as well. Live proposition bets just make them that much more versatile and easy to use.

Soccer Proposition bets, or soccer pro bets especially while the game is going on, are usually for more experienced bettors and fans who know what is going on out on the field.

If a person tries to start making prop bets on two teams he has never even heard of, chances are he is not going to fare very well simply because, how are you supposed to bet on the likeliest next scorer, when you do not even know who the team’s potential scorers are. You have to remember, proposition bets are very versatile in sports betting.

The type of soccer prop bets that you are able to make changes with each and every site. While one site may let you bet on the first player to receive a yellow card, another site may have something completely different in their betting options. There is no right and wrong, better or worse proposition. Whatever bet you the bettor feel most comfortable with is the best to go with, always stick with your gut feeling.

Best Sites for Soccer Proposition Bets

The best soccer betting sites for Soccer Prop Bets are the best for a lot of different reasons. What sets Bovada and Bet365 USA apart from other soccer betting sites is their extreme coverage.

Both of these sites offer soccer betting on almost every soccer match around the world. Their sites are easy to use and understand and signing up is easy too. In the US, most bettors flock to Bovada mainly because it is legal to use in the US.

For a lot of the rest of the world, Bet365 USA is the top site; Bet365’s USA influence in soccer is very evident as they sponsor many teams and other soccer-related events.

A new form of betting called Live betting is a part of both of these two sites and really adds a whole new spin to betting online. Both of these sites have enticing sign-up bonuses for new depositors which is yet another reason people flock to these sites so consistently.

Another perk about these two sites is that they are much more than just a soccer betting site. Both Bovada and Bet365 have poker and casinos on-site as well.


Bovada is probably the most popular soccer betting site in the US for US bettors. They offer to bet on almost every league in the world. Most notably, Bovada offers betting on the English Premier League, Italy Serie A, Germany Bundesliga, and France Ligue 1. There are many additional leagues and competitions that are able to be bet on, and most nations with leagues are able to be bet on.

Bovada has its proposition bets separated by team, game, and player for the organization’s sake. This means that if you want to make a bet on a game between Arsenal and Birmingham City, you can make a prop bet saying that Arsenal will score first, and at the same time make a bet that Robin van Persie will score the first goal. These two bets are under two different tabs which makes them very easily distinguishable.

Bovada also offers Live Betting. Live Betting is a relatively new function on most betting sites. It allows you to make proposition, moneyline, and over/under bets even after the match has begun. As the game goes on and goals are scored the odds become different. It adds a whole new element to betting because now you are able to bet on games that you missed the kickoff of. It also changes the odds which can work for or against a person who chooses to wait until later to place a bet. Live betting also makes watching a game more interesting because how a game is panning out may alter the way you decide to bet.

Bovada offers a 10% sign up bonus for new members. This means that on your first deposit you will receive 10% of that amount added to your account in bonus money. This is just a way of luring prospective members. The bonus money cannot be cashed until a set of rules is met. On Bovada the sign-up bonus money plus the money you initially deposited must be rolled over once before any money can be cashed. If the rules are not met, Bovada will take away all bonus money plus any money that was made with bonus money. Bonuses, when used within the rule regulations, are very helpful for someone who is just beginning to bet on sports.

Bet365 USA

Bet365 USA is a very popular sports betting site all over the world except for the US. It offers a comprehensive set of leagues able to be bet on. Like Bovada, bettors can place wagers on the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Italian Serie A, and so on. They offer your typical wager options like Over/Under, Money Line Betting, and an assortment of proposition bets.

Like Bovada as well, Bet365 USA also offers their version of live, in-game betting. It is very similar to Bovada’s as well, which is probably why these two sites are on the upper tier of soccer betting websites. While in live betting you are able to bet on halftime and full-time results on virtually every game that is going on. In addition to betting on half and full-time scores, you are able to bet on what side will score the next goal and the over/under is also able to be bet on. Bet365’s live betting is very comprehensive, you can even bet on what team will get 3, 5, 7, and 9 corners while at the same time betting on what team will receive the final corner of the game.

Bet 365 offers a new player bonus of 100% on initial deposits up to $200. The deposit bonus’ minimum is $20. To bet with your bonus you must rollover your qualifying deposit once. In order to receive any money from the site in the form of a payout, a player must rollover both the deposit and bonus 3 times before anything is able to be cashed out.

This is different than Bovada which only requires you to roll over your bonus and deposit once, but Bovada gives players the option to deposit much more than $200 on their initial deposit to still qualify for the bonus. If bonus terms are not met than Bet365 USA will relinquish any bonus money earned. Bet365 USA changes their bonuses fairly regularly so if you were to look back at the site after a while, chances are that the bonuses will have been changed a little bit.


These two sites, one for US bettors and one for bettors from outside of the US, are two of the most respected soccer betting sites around. These sites are known for their comprehensive coverage of leagues all over the world as well as their intriguing sign-up bonuses that draw more and more members daily.

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