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About BetPhoenix offers a wide range of wagering options for the serious sports bettor. The sportsbook, which is based in San Jose, Costa Rica, offers some betting options that are rather unique to the online sportsbook industry. Sportsbook

The BetPhoenix sportsbook features wagering on several major sports. Football bettors can choose from the NFL, CFL, and college action.

In addition to the standard point spread and total options, BetPhoenix also has alternate betting lines, half and quarter betting odds, game/player props and several other football wagering choices.

The site will accept wagers of up to $10,000 on NFL sides and $5,000 on totals. For college football, the limits are $5,000 on sides and $3,000 on totals.

Hoops bettors are also taken care of at BetPhoenix. The sportsbook has plenty of strong wagering choices for pro and college basketball bettors to choose from.

The site also books women’s college basketball, the WNBA and European leagues. For NBA wagers, the bettor can wager up to $5,000 on a side and $3,000 on a total. BetPhoenix has a limit of $3,000 for college side bets with a $1,000 max wager on totals.

In the spring and summer, the bettor can take advantage of BetPhoenix’s progressive timeline betting option on Major League Baseball action. The site also offers multiple alternate run line choices as well for the baseball bettor.

In addition to the daily big league action, BetPhoenix books college baseball, and the Little League World Series. Bettors can wager up to $5,000 on MLB money lines and totals.

In hockey, BetPhoenix has a good variety of money line and goal line wagering options for NHL action. The sportsbook also features European pro hockey and some NCAA hockey matches as well. Players can bet up to $3,000 on NHL money lines and totals.

Soccer matches that span the globe are available to bet on at the site. Leagues from England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Scotland are featured.

In addition, there are odds available for the European Cups, American Leagues, American Cups, Asian Leagues, and other World Events. While these major sports are the main events for most sports bettors, there are also plenty of niche sports that have their own unique popularity.

BetPhoenix is able to satisfy these players by booking tennis, fighting, golf, motor racing, cricket, handball and rugby. Bettors are also able to find some interesting notes on a variety of sports by clicking on the Sports News option at the site.

Other Bonuses and Promos

  • 150% Free Play
  • 50% Free Play
  • 500% Virtual Casino bonus
  • $25 Cash bonus on horse races
  • 25% Referral Bonus
  • Credit Card deposit bonus

Promo Rules

  • Promotions are limited to one per deposit, according to person, account, household, e-mail, telephone number; same fee account (e.G. Moneybookers, Neteller, etc) and shared computer.
  • Bonuses will lapse after 90 days if not used.
  • Bonuses are only available on new money.
  • Customers who have recently withdrawn from BetPhoenix or any of our sister sites and have not since replenished the payout amount, will not be eligible for a new bonus.
  •  In order to qualify for a bonus, the client must be in a lifetime net loss position; a client whose account is in a lifetime positive position will not be eligible for re-load bonuses.
  • Bonuses are not credited automatically; the client must contact Customer Service immediately upon having made the deposit in order to redeem any bonuses or promotions.
  • Once a bonus has been accepted it cannot be forfeited by the customer and all terms and conditions stemming from it must be completed before any withdrawal can be processed.


Bettors can deposit money via Credit Card, Western Union (fees covered on deposits $300 or more), Money Gram (fees covered on deposits $300 or more), Bank Wire (fees 5% of total deposit amount).

Withdrawing can be done trough Money Gram (fees $19 – $65; max $850),
Bank Wire (fees 5% of total deposit amount; min $2000 – $10,000), Courier Cheque (one free per calendar month).

Contact Information

BetPhoenix is based in San Jose, Costa Rica. Help Hotline is open 7 days a week 365 days a year.

Toll-free phone North America: 1-877-717-7747
Email: [email protected]


The bookie has a lot of deposit options which is good for a variety of reasons for those on the move or in other places around the world.

On the other hand withdrawal options are limited so keep that into account before betting.

The bonuses can sometimes be murky at best for example below is the 150% free play bonus. check out the rules. and notice that it should be more clear on what you are getting and its a little confusing on our part.

  • Valid for deposits of $200 or more.
  • The maximum bonus awarded for this promotion is $1,000
  • This promotion carries a 16x rollover and a two-week hold
  • Credit card deposits do not apply.